Dagenham Lorry Park

Client: Ford Motor Company
Contract: Period: 18 Months
Value: £3.6m

Construction of a new 60,000M2 block paved lorry park. The site was located in the Thames Estuary and was previously a Victorian London tip.

This presented problems with the stability of the ground, a 92 ton earth compacter was brought in from Russia and used for 2 months across the whole site, vibrations from the machine could be felt over 100mtr from the operation.

Over 53,000 ton of recycled lean mix was batched on site for the sub base and specialised paving system imported from Holland. With the large surface area created a major drainage scheme was installed with Gattic slot drains used at ground level. Over 3000 m3 concrete was poured for the lorry stands.

The project was a real success and the systems used have been repeated on other areas.

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